Coffee trivia that 99% of people don't know!


There are about 1 billion people in the world,

Have a cup of coffee in the morning,

to start their new day.

But for so much trivia about coffee,

Many people are still in the dark,

Today we are going to reveal the little secrets behind coffee.

by studying the past and the present of coffee beans!


●A coffee tree can live for more than 200 years,

When it starts to sprout,

The buds at the top are lovely,

In the end it can grow into a dense plant,

and survived for two centuries.

●Coffee has more flavor than wine,

There are about 1500 kinds of coffee aromas,

And only 200 were found in red wine.


●The coffee beans you see are all brown,

In fact, coffee comes from the fruit of an edible plant.

Because of its crystal clearness, it is called "coffee cherry"

The taste is similar to watermelon,

Coffee cherries are also one of the highest antioxidant fruits.

●What we usually call "small-grain coffee"

It is the largest family of coffee beans!

At the same time, coffee beans can be classified by color,

Green at first, when they start to ripen,

Different species will turn red or yellow in color.

●The shelf life of roasted coffee (cooked beans) can reach 12 months

But the best tasting period is only 1-2 months

SO, the best treatment for good beans is

Drink it as soon as you get it!