How to choose an entry-level home coffee machine?

Do you know what kind of coffee machines there are in the market? It is estimated that many people do not know it, especially the green hands who want to buy a coffee machine but are not very sure about it. It's okay, don't panic.

When you look back at this question after reading the article, you will surely get the answer in your mind:


Simply put, coffee machines are divided into the following categories: American (drip filter) coffee machines, Italian coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines, and fully automatic coffee machines.

Each coffee machine functions and produce coffee that tastes differently, and works differently. The American coffee machine and the Italian coffee machine are distinguished by the way of extraction; while the semi-automatic coffee machine and the automatic coffee machine are distinguished by the way of working.


If you don't know how to choose, let me tell you the difference for reference:

If the modern fast pace of life, here are the recommended choices for high-quality coffee makers: capsule coffee machine, automatic coffee machine, or American coffee machine.

If you have both energy and time, and like to research and make coffee, then the recommended choice: semi-automatic coffee machine


I guess you must be wondering, why not an espresso machine? In fact, in addition to the American coffee machine recommended above, the other three coffee machines include this one. If still at a loss, you can click on the article I shared to read, then all your questions will be answered.

Which coffee machine am I going to choose?

The 100 or less dollars coffee machines are capsule coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines, and American drip coffee machines, which are more suitable for home use;

And the thousand-dollar coffee machine is a semi-automatic coffee machine, such as a fully automatic coffee machine, which is very suitable for home, office, and commercial use.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for coffee quality. From instant coffee to instant coffee to freshly ground coffee, there will be more and more needs and choices.

In fact, when choosing a coffee machine, you just need to choose the right one for yourself, because as the traditional saying goes: What suits you is the best!