How to drink coffee to be healthy?

Drinking coffee has many benefits for health, and more and more people like to drink it, but if you don't drink coffee in the right way, it can backfire.

A recent American study shows that subjects who regularly consume caffeine extracts tend to lose weight significantly. The caffeine contained in coffee can accelerate the metabolism of the body, speed up the burning of fat, and help to lose weight in a healthy way.


1. Drink a cup of black coffee after your meal

The calories of black coffee are very low, only about 2.55 calories in 100 grams. Drinking a cup of black coffee after a meal can promote the concentration of fatty acids in the blood, thereby promoting the decomposition of fat, releasing fat in the blood, and achieving weight loss. In addition, drinking coffee also has the effect of temporarily suppressing appetite.

2. Drink coffee before exercise

Caffeine increases calorie burn by 15%. Drinking a cup of black coffee 30 to 40 minutes before exercise will increase the concentration of fatty acids in the blood. A moderate amount of exercise can turn fatty acids into heat energy and effectively burn fat. Black coffee has the effect of diuretic and edema, which can increase the amount of urination, make the body quickly excrete excess water, and eliminate edema. However, it is necessary to replenish water at all times during exercise to avoid dehydration in the body.

3. Drink unsweetened black coffee

Black coffee is bitter, but it is still not advisable to add sugar. Sugar will affect the decomposition of fat, and it is also easy to cause excessive calorie intake, which will affect the weight loss effect. It is recommended to add some fresh milk. Hot coffee burns more body calories than iced coffee. Coffee with high roasting temperature has a strong taste, but less caffeine content is not conducive to weight loss. It is more suitable to choose American coffee with a lighter taste.

Also, use coffee beans that have been kept for less than a month.

The ground coffee beans are not suitable for long-term storage. It is recommended that the best drinking time after roasting coffee beans is about 2 weeks. The flavor of the beans will be lost after more than one month, the quality of the coffee will decline with time, and the aroma in the beans will be lost. Too much coffee will lose its original flavor, so in terms of coffee taste and preservation, it is best to drink it during the best tasting period.


4. What is the roast degree for the coffee?

Different types of roast degrees create different coffee flavors, but which roast is healthier? Experts suggest that dark and light roasted "mixed beans" are the healthiest to drink together. Why?

Mixing light roasted and dark roasted beans in a one-to-one ratio can better absorb the sucrose and trigonelline of Arabica beans and the caffeine and chlorogenic acid of Robusta, so as to achieve a better effect.

5. What water do you use to make coffee?

Different water brewed coffee tastes and tastes different, experts say, coffee brewed with filtered water not only tastes better, but also has better health benefits.

Because drinking water containing heavy metals for a long time will cause great damage to the body, filtering water can effectively remove heavy metals in water, and also bring a better taste to coffee.