Is Turkish coffee pot the best?

As a coffee lover

when I hear turkey

It must be the barbecue that comes to mind first


No, of course it is the Turkish coffee pot

Some people think it's rude and simple

Some others say it best embodies the original style

Come and enjoy it today

The unique coffee pot.


Turkish pot

Turkish locals call it: Cezve. Elsewhere, the device is called Ibrik. Anyway, we just call it "Turkish Pot".

Speaking of this pot, I have to admire the Turkish people. Long long ago, the country that does not produce coffee, made their special way of brewing coffee the fashion all over Europe (back then there were not as many brewing tools as it is now).

The first time I saw the coffee pot from Turkey by a friend, I was deeply attracted. The hand-carved intricate patterns and brass material make you feel warm and charming, just like an exotic girl, exquisite and elegant.

The pot body with a wide top and a narrow bottom is designed to filter coffee grounds; the small tip is convenient for pouring out coffee; the pot body also has a long handle. The material of today's Turkish pots is no longer limited to brass, but also stainless steel, ceramics, etc., and it always feels kind of less flavor.

It is very beautiful with the carving of skilled craftsmen. If you go to Turkey, you can buy such a coffee pot as a souvenir. Even if not used for coffee, it is a good work of art.


Of course, you can't miss a cup of authentic coffee in the local cafe, and use the hot sand method to heat the coffee pot more evenly. The temperature of the hot sand is very high, so it is not suitable to try using your palm.

Is it hard to make coffee in a Turkish pot?

2 key words: grinding, cooking.


1) The prepared tools include: coffee cup, stirring rod, Turkish pot, alcohol lamp, coffee beans

Grindness: Flour grade (super fine). The water-to-powder ratio is generally 1:10.


2) Put the coffee pot on after the ignition, low heat.

3) Add water and add sugar.

4) Stir to dissolve the sugar.


5) Add ground coffee, but do not stir.

6) Observe the coffee liquid and start stirring before it shows signs of boiling.

7) When the coffee liquid rises, tap the table lightly.

8) When the coffee liquid rises again, tap lightly to turn off the flame.

9) Pour out the coffee and enjoy.