The TOP 10 Coffee FAQs

As a coffee fan I have selected the most popular coffee FAQs that have been asked recently for your reference.


1 The bigger coffee beans the better?

There is no absolute relationship between the size and quality of beans.

Of course,

in some producing areas, the beans are sieved,

The ones after sieving is usually of large particles.

Generally speaking, their overall quality will be higher.

2 Do beans look better and taste better?

Not good to drink ≠ not good looking.

Some native species look bad,

But the taste is excellent.

And some others look really ugly,

like defective beans,

But they are just looking ugly.

3 When steaming, the mushroom foam is not big, is it because the coffee beans are not fresh?

For the fresh light roasted coffee beans,

The mushroom foam is not too big.

If you want to see the "big" mushroom foam,

Try dark roasted coffee beans.

Of course, if the deep-roasted beans give no mushroom foam,

They are not fresh.


4 How many types of coffee are there?

How many stars are there in the sky?

It depends on how you count,

By gene, by production area, by production method, etc.

For me, there are only 2:

Good to drink and bad to drink.

5 How to learn to make latte art quickly and easily?

You wish. To be honest,

Let's practice pumping with a few boxes of milk first.

By the way, recently there is a machine that can directly digitally print latte...

6 The packaging says "citrus scent", "taffy", etc. Why can't I drink the flavor out of it?

What is written on the package is a description of the flavor of the coffee,

If you can't drink the flavor,

Maybe the seller's description is not accurate


Your brewing method is right for these flavors


You are not sensitive enough to taste these flavors


The way you describe subjective taste in words is not the same as the seller.

7 Can you lose weight by drinking coffee healthily?

As a coffee fan who must drink two cups of black coffee every day,

My personal experience is:

Only diuretic.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to combine it with exercise or diet control.

Drink instant coffee, high-sweet coffee is only good for

Gaining weight.


8 Is it best to drink coffee without milk or sugar?

Drinking coffee should really be a pleasure,

If adding milk and sugar makes you happy,

just go for it, and nothing is impossible.

If you are sipping a cup of specialty coffee,

You can try it first to feel its flavor.

So as not get the original coffee flavor covered by the taste of sugar and milk

If you can't accept it, just do what you like!

9 Is the more expensive coffee better?

Expensive coffee is not necessarily of high quality.

Such as "Kopi luwak",

We know that rare things are expensive.


10 Anyway, why is my coffee sour?

Don't take sour taste as bad.

It is an important factor for judging good coffee.

Coffee is a fruit,

which contains citric acid, malic acid, etc.

The pleasant caffeic acid is mouth-watering,

full of fruit taste

Many people don't like sourness,

More because it is different from the "coffee" they imagined.

Of course, there are some acids that are bad acids,

those like spoiled food,

which is supposed to be treated differently.