Types of coffee

Coffee is a drink that many young people like very much. There are many types of coffee, and different brewing methods produce different coffee flavors. Coffee can be basically divided into seven types according to the production process, and as to whether milk is added through the preparation process there are two types:

The following 4 types are those in whose preparation process milk needs to be added:


1. Cappuccino

     Cappuccino is a kind of coffee that is very popular among girls. It is generally made up of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 foamed milk. It tastes better when sprinkled with cinnamon powder, which can be easily made with a kitchen grinder. In some places where cinnamon powder is rarely seen, chocolate powder is used instead.


2. Mocha

     The mocha is made up of 1/3 concentrate, 1/3 hot chocolate, 1/3 milk foam and a sprinkle of chocolate dust as the last ingredient. Mocha coffee beans have a softer sour taste, and as many coffee shops brew it too sweet, few can taste the essence of the original taste.

3. Latte

     When it comes to coffee, I guess many people will think of latte. It is mainly a mixture of 1/4 espresso, 2/4 milk, and 1/4 milk foam. The milk is particularly strong and tastes like a rainbow cocktail when served. The taste is more suitable for girls compared to cappuccino.


4. French milk coffee

     The French milk coffee is made of coffee with a stronger taste, and the coffee and fresh milk are added at the same time according to the ratio of 1:1 to make a cup of authentic French milk coffee.


The following 3 types are those in whose preparation process there is no milk needed:

5. Japanese Charcoal Grilled Coffee

     Heavy roasting can make it more bitter, but it will maximize the original flavor of the coffee. The mixing ratio of coffee beans in Japanese charcoal coffee is about 2 in Colombia, 2 in Brazil, 15 in Mandheling, and 4.5 in Java.


6. Irish Coffee

     Irish coffee should not be added with sugar cubes. After the alcohol lamp is burned, pour in coffee and fresh cream. Young girls who pursue taste and difference will like it.

7. Italian ESPRESSO

     As the name Italian ESPRESSO suggests, this coffee originally originated from Italy. The deep-fried high-quality coffee beans are ground into powder. In a special coffee machine, the principle of steam pressure is utilized to make the steam directly pass through the coffee powder.  It is characterized by strong aroma, heavy bitterness, and a layer of coffee oil on the surface and is surely a highly concentrated coffee and should be tasted in a small cup.