When is drinking coffee the most refreshing?


As a member of the modern working class, refreshing drinks are just everyday necessities. It is necessary to drink coffee, which is called life-sustaining water, and tea, which is called soul-returning water. The coffee fans and the tea fans are scrambling to discuss which one has the most refreshing effect and which can improve the efficiency of hard-working employees the most. Recently, a new survey concluded that coffee drinkers are the most energetic in the morning, while tea drinkers are the most energetic in the afternoon.

According to the title of the article related to Yahoo News, it also attracted the attention of the coding workers. Is there anything more powerful than coffee? A closer look at the content reveals that in a survey of more than 2,000 Americans conducted by a tea company, more than 65% of the coffee drinkers said coffee was the beverage they drank the most, and they showed a high level of performance in the morning. But in the afternoon, their vitality is significantly reduced, and only 29% of the people said that they can maintain the same level in the afternoon. In addition, 41% of the surveyed tea drinkers said that they could keep sufficient motivation in the afternoon.

Some people are fortunate enough to enjoy the sensory impact of the sweet and sour aroma of coffee, as well as the vitality after that. There are also some people who want to drink a cup of coffee so that they can be refreshed in the afternoon, but the energy they want is lost, and get stuck with the fatigue.

The survey by tea companies also found that tea has become a popular choice among millennials, with more than one-third of respondents drinking tea daily; tea and coffee lovers surveyed place great importance on their own health, with nearly a quarter of respondents saying that tea was their first choice when they wanted to relax.

There are also flaws in the survey. For example, it does not show why coffee drinkers and tea drinkers are distributed in the morning and afternoon intervals. Do people wake up early for morning coffee, or do people drink coffee for the morning?

In fact, the main reason why tea and coffee can be refreshing is that they have caffeine, and caffeine plays an important role in the refreshing process.

As an ordinary consumer and a hard-working worker, refreshing, delicious and healthy drink is greatly welcomed, whether it is tea or coffee, are. Coffee has its special benefits and so does tea. What more workers are afraid is that after drinking coffee or tea, they can do nothing but only stare at the night sky.

Some people who don't know much about coffee like also to ask "Do you have any other drinks besides coffee here?" When they learn that "Yes, only coffee", they will still ask one more question " Is there a single one that's particularly low in caffeine?"

Fortunately, drinking coffee in the past is for refreshing, but now people have paid more attention to coffee varieties, production areas, flavors, etc. In terms of tea, some people still stay in the stage of "syrup + tea" and "fruit + tea". Since you want to refresh yourself, you can choose pure tea or black coffee to eliminate sugar anxieties.

Speaking of which, the author has a cup of Geisha coffee in his left hand and a cup of black tea in his right hand. Coffee and tea are all powerful mana! For the readers, do you like tea more or coffee more?