Why is cold brew coffee so good?

In the spring, it is easy to get dry mouth. If you have a cup of cold brew iced coffee, it will be fantastic.

There are many kinds of iced coffee, so why choose the cold brew coffee?

Traditional iced coffee is actually just chilled coffee poured over ice, to which you can add any desired flavored syrup or creamer, sometimes making it more like an iced latte than iced coffee, but the key is to keep it cool with plenty of ice.

But half the cup may be ice cubes, so the taste of the coffee will change as the ice melts. If you drink iced coffee at home, you can fill this cup to make sure your ice doesn't melt as quickly as you drink it.


What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made by grinding coffee beans into powder, soaking in cold water for at least 8 hours, and extracting and filtering through professional equipment. For a higher body, the time can be extended to 24-48 hours. The benefits of cold brew coffee come down to taste. In the case of independent specialty cafes, one cold brew will never taste exactly the same as the next, but all cold brews tend to have similar characteristics—milder and sweeter.


Low temperature extraction and long extraction time are the two major characteristics of cold brew coffee, and they are also the two main differences between cold brew coffee and high temperature extraction coffee. High temperature extraction coffee extracts coffee beans through hot water, and the temperature is between 82-95 ° C. , the time is generally no more than 3 minutes. The fastest espresso is only 20-30 seconds, and cold brew coffee is far longer than hot brewed coffee.

The concept of cold brew coffee was proposed by Toddy Simpson, a student of chemical industry at Cornell University in the United States. After drinking the ancient Peruvian iced coffee again, he invented a tool for making cold brew coffee named Toddy. barrels, and this technology was later introduced by Starbucks to make summer iced drinks.


A good cold brew can be enjoyed without ice, but adding ice to keep you cool on an extra-long day shouldn't ruin the flavor too much.

How to make cold brew coffee? (FYI only)

① Pour the coffee powder into a clean container, and then pour the appropriate proportion of water according to personal preference (recommended 1:14). The thickness of the coffee powder can be thicker than the coffee powder that is usually used for hand-brewed coffee, because the fine powder is prone to over-extraction, which can extract some bad flavors (burnt bitterness, astringency).

②Put it in the refrigerator or home freezer to extract for 8-12 hours, and let the coffee powder fully contact with the cold water.

③ Filter out the coffee liquid with filter cloth or filter paper.

What does Cold Brew taste like?

Regular iced coffee can be more bitter, which for most people requires added syrup or creamer. That's not to say that some bittersweet coffees have rich, full-bodied flavors at the same time, but that's not for everyone.

Cold brews, on the other hand, tend to have rich, smooth flavors. If you're trying to get rid of additives and move more in that direction, cold brew is a great way to get your taste buds accustomed to black coffee.

Why is cold brew coffee so popular?

All cold coffee is a game changer, but it's also worth noting the culture surrounding cold brew. Stores seem to be vying for the cutest cold drink cans and cold drinks, and indeed the packaging is the eye-catcher.