Wrong choice of coffee, the calories may be 20 times more


There are many people who love coffee now, but different coffee ingredients and nutrition are not the same. Today, let's compare the most common types of Americano, latte and mocha.

First let's look at the energy that everyone cares about the most. Americano is the lowest, Mocha is the highest, and the calorie gap is 24 times! One cup of mocha is equivalent to 3 bowls of rice.

Calories are closely related to ingredients. Americano is low in calories, and the main ingredients are only water and espresso; while mocha has high-calorie mocha sauce, whipped cream and syrup in addition to milk and espresso.

Both mocha sauce and vanilla syrup contain a lot of added sugar, and whipping cream is high in fat, so mocha is higher in energy than Americano and latte. With a mocha, you may need to jog for 54 minutes to burn the calorie through.

The calories of a latte are between Americano and mocha, and its ingredients can be simply understood as milk and espresso. A large latte has half the energy of a mocha.

Although its sugar content is 18 grams in the nutrition list, this is not extra added sucrose, but the lactose that comes with added milk, so those who want to reduce the intake of refined sugar can also drink it with confidence.

To put it another way, the calories, sugar, fat and protein of a latte come mainly from milk. But don't take the initiative to add sugar!

Drinking latte, you can experience the rich and mellow coffee flavor and the milky aroma of milk at the same time, and get the nutrition of milk. It really offers both taste and nutrition, really a healthy drink.

Does drinking coffee cause calcium loss? This rumor must be debunked!

Studies have shown that a cup of coffee only loses 2 to 3 mg of calcium, which can be replenished by drinking a few more sips of milk. Going down a cup of latte, I don't know how much calcium I get back!

In addition, current research shows that drinking coffee in moderation (1 to 2 cups per day, 1 cup is about 150 ml) can reduce the overall risk of death, 2 to 4 cups of total mortality significantly decreased, and daily coffee drinking can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans also recommend that moderate coffee consumption (3-5 cups per day, 237 ml per cup or 400 mg of caffeine per day) can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

When choosing coffee in a coffee shop, if you are very concerned about the heat and can accept the bitter taste of pure black coffee, you can choose Americano, espresso or pour-over coffee.

A cup of energy is only 15 kcal, which can be consumed by walking about 375 steps. Friends who want to lose weight need not worry about having a cup occasionally.

But if you don't like to eat "bitter" and want to drink coffee, latte is the best choice! And lattes have the lowest caffeine content.

Usually, if pregnant women drink coffee, they must limit the caffeine to less than 200 mg, and it is no problem to drink a large cup of latte. As long as it is not excessive, they can achieve calcium supplementation and enjoy the coffee at the same time.