What is the origin of the Internet celebrity coffee cup in the American TV series?

If you are a fan of American TV series or movies, you may often see such blue and white coffee cups printed with the words "We Are Happy to Serve You" in gold. If have a little impression, you will surely not be surprised.


The story of this coffee mug begins in the early 1900s, when a large number of Greek immigrants came to New York, bringing their coffee-loving coffee culture with them, and they ran a large number of coffee shops and food trucks.


Diners are small restaurants that serve a specific menu of food and drinks.

Leslie Buck is a sales manager for the Sherri Cup Company, which wants to go into New York's hot beverage market. In order to attract these Greek immigrant traders, the blue and white colors of the cup pay homage to the Greek flag, and the sides are decorated with ancient Greek pottery amphora.


Mad Men Season 6 (2013)

Mad Men is a TV drama about the professional and personal life of Don Draper, a fictional advertising agency executive from March 1960 to November 1970, depicting the major changes in American society at the time, and considered one of the best TV shows of all time.

The meandering elements of the cup body often appear in ancient Greek sculptures, paintings and other arts, and the golden slogan uses ancient Greek letters.

Regarding the name of Anthora, it is actually Amphora on the bottle, but Mr. Buck is a Czech immigrant with an Eastern European accent and pronounces Amphora as Anthora pronunciation.


The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

"The Wolf of Wall Street" is based on Jordan Belfort's personal memoir, Jordan, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, tells the story of his fortune in the gray area and his life lost in sex and drugs.The word "fuck" and its conjugations are used between 506 and 569 times in the film, making the film the one with the most using of the F* word in mainstream non-documentary films.

Since its inception in the 1960s, Anthora has maintained production in the hundreds of millions a year, popping up on the streets of New York and blending in with the city. The We Are Happy to Serve You coffee mug has become an icon of New York along with the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, yellow cabs, and more.


Men in Black (1997)

The streets of New York have changed since then, and with the rise of coffee shops like Starbucks, although Anthora no longer dominates the cityscape as it once did, it can still be seen in roadside restaurants, food trucks, etc. to it. On the street, it warms the hands of pedestrians. Without Anthora, "Law and Order" could hardly exist.


Law & Order

Over the past half-century, the Anthora Cup has become a staple of New York TV shows, including "House," "Suits," "The Troopers," and more. "We Are Happy to Serve You" is everywhere.


In 2012, The New York Times included Anthora coffee mugs among its "A History of New York in 50 Objects".

Graham Hill, founder of the environmental group ExceptionLab, conceived the idea of transferring the iconic New York design from disposable paper cups to permanent ceramic cups, designing the ceramic version of Anthora in 2003.

In order to make the ceramic cup look like a real paper cup, the ceramic cup is designed to be the same size as the paper cup, while retaining the edge contour of the paper cup, and even the details of the bonding line of the paper cup are not ignored, and this trace is restored on the cup body.


In addition to the standard 8-ounce capacity, Hill has designed a shrunken version with a 3-ounce capacity for Espresso Coffee

After the launch of the ceramic version of the Anthora coffee cup, as an iconic design of New York, it is also sold in the famous MoMA Design Store in New York, called New York Coffee Cup


In the ever-changing life, the constant part is the power of reassurance. When you drink coffee with a New York coffee cup, you will enjoy not only the sweetness of coffee, but also the cultural value and humanistic care ever since its debut.