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Welcome to CoffeeTeaMachine

A little site where we share something about the most popular refreshing drink.

As the authors and editors for Coffee Tea Machine, a typically fast pace life leading guys, coffee has always been a part of our every day. And at some point, it became something more like a fascination. Maybe the affection for this brew made us curious about finding more on the stuff. And as we had the fortune to travel a lot of localities around the world, we found reasons to be more in love.

There are gratefully many sources and internet stories that coffee lovers like us have created for sharing fondness toward this incredible infusion. And that inspired us to start Coffee Tea Machine, where hopefully we would also be able to bring our caffein infused matters and thoughts to the world.

What excites us the most about the idea particularly is the fact that not only we’ll be able to spread something amazing but also meanwhile, expand our awareness regarding something we totally love…

So that was a short intro we wanted to let readers know. Now let’s talk about what we hope to share through Coffee Tea Machine.

To keep it simple, we want to make this a very comprehensive community where you will be able to find mostly about regular stuff relevant to coffee or tea. Something that a person who simply loves their daily intake of caffeine will like to know about and at the same time, even someone such as baristas and coffee sommelier would prefer reading on.

Our contents are designed to share some fun coffee and tea series, include recipes that are mouthwatering, talk about the currently favorite coffee equipment and dig the interesting history of caffeine and tea from time to time. And if you have any other fantastic theme or idea as a fellow coffee fanatic, don’t forget to share. we would love to explore different themes, topics, contents, and so on for this little world of ours called Coffee Tea Machine!